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How Is This Possible You're Wondering...? Hint: All These Rock Star Guitarists Have This In Common!

Answer: They All Apply The 7 Key Elements Of Successful Lead Guitar Playing... And You Can Too!


From: Robert Lee Molton
Peoria, IL.

Dear Future "Elite" Guitarist,

If you'd like to improve your overall guitar playing, including Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, or Timing and Phrasing, this will be the most important video training you'll ever need.

BUT First, A Warning:

Before we go further, let me make something abundantly clear:

This isn’t one of those “Rockstar Overnight” courses that promises you fortune and fame for doing nothing.

Here’s the deal.

The methods and techniques I outline in this training has worked great for me, my students, and is used by most all world renowned guitarists.

I believe it can help you, too.

However, I’m not suggesting that everyone (or anyone) who gets this training is going to become an amazing superstar guitarist.

I don’t know how much better the guitarists who go through this training will become – it’s likely that many or most of them will only improve a little or not much at all (especially if they don’t follow the training and work hard).

With that said… let me jump right in and ask you this important question…

If someone showed you 7 proven key elements that could seriously advance your Lead playing (and overall guitar skills), by simply practicing things that actually produce real results, would you take notice?

Well, keep reading because I'm about to reveal how you can potentially improve your overall guitar skills within the next 24 hours... by making a few simple changes in your practice routine, and creating a positive mindset for success!

First, Let Me Reveal Something That May Shock You!

Many Years ago when I was struggling to make sense of the guitar neck, (let alone have control over it), I would practice anything and everything I possibly could, in attempt to gain control over the fretboard and become a better lead guitarist.

You see, I didn't have a guitar teacher in the small town I grew up in, so most everything I learned was either from books, or friends throwing in their two cents. There wasn't any structure or guidance in my practice routine. I really didn't know where to spend the bulk of my time practicing in terms of what was most important for success.

I spent years learning and practicing on things "out of order" so to speak. Things that didn't shorten my learning curve, but extended it much further than I ever expected.

Eventually It all came together, but what I discovered was that I skimmed over the core fundamental elements of lead guitar playing in general. Since I didn't have anyone to guide me in the right direction, I just learned all kinds of bits and pieces of everything.

It's similar to looking at a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing. You can sort of see the big picture, but it's not all there, or very clear.

As time went on, I made friends with some really great lead guitar players from various bands that I was playing in, and others I crossed paths with. I soon started realizing many problems and mistakes I made over the years. What a wake up call!

I basically had to go back to the beginning and refine the core fundamentals of my entire approach to playing. I had to fill in all the gray areas and missing pieces of the puzzle, and course correct my mindset to a new way of thinking.

"Steve Vai - David Lee Roth and Whitesnake"


Steve Vai has been an inspiration to me throughout my years of playing guitar.
It gave me great pleasure to personally tell Steve that!

I had the opportunity of collaborating and performing  with an up and coming artist from England, named Carina Lirola.

She'd been working with Steve on her debut CD release, and has been negotiating a deal with his record label.

We all went to California to play a showcase gig, and met with Steve at the NAMM show. He's a great guy, and a brilliant guitarist!

This Broke The Chains And Allowed Me To Become The Guitarist I've always Wanted To Be. YOU Can Do It Too!

I finally started gaining control over the entire fretboard and was sounding more like my favorite guitarists that I've always admired. Everything started falling into place rapidly from that point forward.

Much of that was due to (now) clearly seeing the big picture from all the little pieces I had already put into place. If I had someone to guide me in the right direction from day one, I could have been twice the guitarist in half the time. But...It turned out good.

The blessing in disguise is that because I had to figure everything out myself, (in bits and pieces over the years), it really gave me an advantage to help other struggling guitarist's see their problem areas, and help them quickly overcome their obstacles!

I began teaching guitar in a well known music store in Peoria Illinois, and soon built up a large client base. Between playing live gigs several nights per week in my band, and teaching daily at the music store, my personal playing was becoming very refined, and I was consistently seeing successful results in all of my students.

"Alex Skolnick - Trans Siberian Orchestra"

Alex-Skolnick-Bob-Molton I Won First Place in the Trans-Siberian Guitar Contest! The band provided the backing track to their well known song "Wizards In Winter" (without guitar).

I had to play the guitar part "Live" with the backing track, while recording the "Live" Video. After submitting the video, and waiting several weeks, I received a call from their management saying I won first place. I was fired up!

I won a Custom Made Jackson Guitar direct from the factory. It was a lot of fun building that guitar, and collaborating with them through the build.

I've since become good friends with the band. They've taken great care of me. And...They always set me and my family up with front row seats!

One Day It Struck Me! Many Of My Students Had Similar Missing Pieces Of The Puzzle That I Had Early On.

The core fundamental elements of Lead Guitar Playing were being overlooked by many of the new students I was getting in. I could spot these problems immediately, but if I didn't didn't know what I was looking for, it wouldn't have been so easy to detect. Many of my students had already been playing for years, and sounded pretty good.

These key elements of lead guitar playing aren't the most exciting things to practice. So... many people simply don't! Even though you will gain maximum results, (similar to working out) they're just not much fun, but the results are great!

NOW... If someone proved to you that you'd get major results from spending your time practicing specific core fundamental elements... would that make the difference as to where you chose to spend your practice time? I'm pretty sure you're saying YES!

It's not surprising that we all want to practice the cool sounding things, and the neat sounding tricks etc... That's all good, but no matter how shiny the car looks, and how cool the tires are... It's when the motor is firing on all cylinders, that you'll win the race! In other words, build your house on a solid foundation! These are the core fundamentals.

"George Lynch - Dokken and Lynch Mob"

George-Lynch-Bob-Molton We played a showcase gig with George Lynch in sunny Redondo Beach California!

The ironic thing is, that earlier George actually came to the music store where I taught in Peoria Illinois, to host a guitar a clinic, and me and my buddy Tony were in charge of setting up his guitar rig! Haaa.

Tony and I were checking out all his effects and amp settings etc... We got to play all his guitars and was amazed at how wide his necks were.

It all came full circle when we got a chance to hang out in California, and I reminded him of that clinic... and now we were doing a gig together!

Playing And Teaching Guitar For Over Twenty Years, Has Put Me In A Unique Position To Help Guitarists (Like You) Achieve Lead Guitar Success!

Since my days of teaching guitar at the music store, I began teaching out of my home to select players that were very serious about achieving their guitar goals. This worked out great because I was able to personally choose the students that I could make the biggest difference with.

The phone was always ringing with new students, but I really wanted to spend more quality time with my most serious players. So... I raised my prices, and began teaching fewer students for longer periods of time.

This worked out great! I could give better quality one on one time and it slowed down the foot traffic through my home. However, it was always in the back of my mind to be teaching several students at once, that were close to the same level of learning.

The more I thought about this, the more I leaned toward bringing my teaching online, therefore helping lots of students at once. I knew that there were so many people that could benefit from simply being made aware of common guitar learning set-backs they might be facing, (even if they didn't know it). And... how they could easily overcome their issues with proper guidance on identifying the missing pieces and filling them in.

This has turned out to be the best thing for my students and myself, because I can focus on creating products that provide solutions for many guitarist's needs. And now...
I can finally help more than one guitarist at a time!

"DJ Ashba - Guns N Roses - My Long Time Friend"

DJ-Ashba-Bob-MoltonDJ and I go way back. We've been friends for a long time, and have many stories to tell... Most of which are funny, and many more that are simply outrageous.

In the early days of our friendship, I helped him with his guitar playing and helped him with recording his bands etc... As a true musician, he blossomed quickly, and we began to collaborate on more of an equal level, and focus more of our time on the music business.

Many of you know that DJ is the Lead Guitarist in Sixx A.M. which includes founding member Nikki Sixx, along with James Michael. Together they've written some incredible music.

DJ is also the Lead Guitarist in Guns N Roses! If you get the chance, I highly recommend going to see Guns N Roses Live! Axl and the band sound amazing, and their shows are top notch quality. If you talk to DJ tell him I said hey bro!

What If I Could Show You 7 Key Elements Of Successful Lead Guitar Playing, Used By Famous Lead Guitarists All Over The World... Would You Be Interested?



"7 Lead Guitar Success Secrets"




The Foundation


  • How and Why Success Starts Here!

  • What To Effectively Practice

  • How To Effectively Practice

  • Taking Responsibility For Your Progress

  • How To Measure Your Progress

  • Asking The Right Questions To Strike Gold

  • Breaking Through Roadblocks To Success




Phrasing and Structure


  • How To Approach Phrasing and Structure

  • Question and Answer Methods & Techniques

  • Creating The Musical Story

  • How To Measure Your Progress

  • Speaking The Musical Language

  • Expanding Your Musical Conversation

  • Developing Your Own Recognizable Style




String Bending


  • Develop The Precision Of String Bending

  • Whole Step Bending Upward

  • Half Step Bending Upward

  • Whole Step Bending Downward

  • Half Step Bending Downward

  • What Fingers To Use When Bending

  • Which Way To Bend Strings, Low To High




String Vibrato


  • Identifying When and Where To Use Vibrato

  • Mastering The 3 Common Styles Of Vibrato

  • How, When, and Why To Use Wide Vibrato

  • How, When, and Why To Use Narrow Vibrato

  • How, When, and Why To Use Neutral Vibrato

  • How To Practice To Master Your Vibrato

  • How To Make Your Notes Sing Beautifully




Alternate Picking


  • Up-Stroke and Down-Stroke Synchronization

  • Which Picking Strokes To Emphasize

  • Creating Smooth Legato Patterns

  • Balancing Your Picking Volumes

  • Seamless Non-Picking Turnarounds

  • Hybrid Picking Combinations Using All Styles

  • How To Practice and Master Your Vibrato




Repetitive Licks


  • Understanding Hook Driven Repetitive Licks

  • How To Create Sound Scapes

  • How To Command Your Listener's Attention

  • Create Very Musical Sounding Solos

  • Extending Your Range Of Mode Possibilities

  • Phrase Connecting For Continuous Soloing

  • Eliminate Boring Playing Forever




Mastering Timimg


  • Tighten Your Playing To Be "In The Pocket"

  • Single Note Timing Mastery

  • Double Note Timing Mastery

  • Triple Note Timing Mastery

  • 16th Note Timing Mastery

  • Using The Metronome For Maximum Results

  • Free Form Jamming With The Metronome



Self Discipline


  • How To Overcome Difficult Learning Chores

  • Laser Focusing On The Goals For Success

  • Developing A Structured Daily Practice Plan

  • Mastering Left and Right Hand Mechanics

  • Understanding Your Personal Practice Time

  • Achieving All Your Goals In Bite Size Pieces

  • Pushing Yourself Harder Than Ever Before

  • Creating Inspiration To Drive Your Career

Watch these 7 Modules, and implement these key elements into your playing, and you'll have the secret sauce to become a Killer Sounding Lead Guitarist in record time!

I stand behind my statement of improving 100% in 24 hours, because if you simply take notice of these key elements, and embrace the fact that they will improve your lead guitar playing, then you will see a drastic improvement within 24 hours.

That being said, you DO have to practice continuously on these elements so that they become second nature to you. You WILL see constant improvement every single day.

Here's Everything You'll Get Instantly,
As Soon As You Join The


"7 Lead Guitar Success Secrets"

Training Course & Community Right Now,
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Module Intro:
THE FOUNDATION: How and Why Success Begins Here!

Module 1:
SELF DISCIPLINE: Mental Focus and Critical Mindset

Module 2:
MASTERING TIMING: Using Your Metronome For Success

Module 3:
REPETITIVE LICKS: Implementing Repetitive Licks and Developing Catching Hooks

Module 4:
ALTERNATE PICKING: Alternate and Legato Methods and Techniques

Module 5:
STRING VIBRATO: The Art of String Vibrato, Making It Sing, Natural and Bending

Module 6:
STRING BENDING: Mastering String Bending - Whole Step, Half Step, Extended

Module 7:
PHRASING AND STRUCTURE: Developing Musical Language With Phrasing & Structure

Challenges for Each Module:
The Challenges Motivate Action For Successful Results

Video & Audio Training: Available 24 hours a days

PDF 20-Page Report: Transcribed For Convenience and Print

Checklists: Keeps You On Track, Making Your Success Easier

BONUS: Guitar Tools / Software Bundle - All You'll Need

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If you don't see a drastic improvement in your lead guitar playing, within the next 30 days, I want you to request a complete and prompt refund.

However, I'm super confident you'll stay in, you'll implement these methods and techniques, and you'll send me a testimonial explaining how much more you've accomplished after practicing and completing the video training.

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